28th & 29th May The EAs & PAs of Tomorrow, Sydney

April 06 2018 | Sydney


Monday 28th May & Tuesday 29th May: The EAs & PAs of Tomorrow 
Powering up your role by increasing administrative and technical know-how to support your organisation’s leaders in the modern work place.

Marcus evans Modern Day Executive Assistant Forum aim to equip attending delegates with the essential knowledge, tools, real life experience from experienced Executive Assistants and skills to shape them into the indispensible aide and business associate.

Executive Assistants are the best-kept secret of effective business leaders. In today’s modern world, a successful executive assistant plays an integral role in the organisation and they are the “Brains behind the Brains”. Competent executive assistant are invaluable assets and they are indispensable member of the management team.

The role of the executive assistant adjusts with every new innovation in technology, shift in business strategy, or change in the global economy. Versatile executive assistants bend to meet every curve, yet stand straight and firm to push through obstacles. They have the remarkable capability to repeatedly reinvent themselves, to hit the ground running, bounce back, and renew themselves again and again. In today’s business world, an EA is typically viewed as the right-hand to a C-level executive, Senior Director, etc.  An Executive Assistant is to make sure the executive is always prepared, and always “in the know.”

This Forum will prepare you to not only present yourself professionally, but also to improve your relationship with your senior executive. Learn how to present a solution, instead of a problem through the various interactive sessions and workshops and be the best in your line of work. It is an opportunity not to be missed especially if fast tracking your professional development is your goal!

Key Topics

Creating a Power of Partnership with your Executive – A Step Up from Assistant to “Business Partner”
Effective Networking for Greater Success: Redefine your Strategic Value and Develop Your Personal Brand
Managing Multiple Bosses: Juggle Priorities, Personalities and Projects and Make it Look Easy!
TAKING PRIDE, BEING PROFESSIONAL – The Importance of pride and professionalism to Executive Assistants
Making technology work for you – tools and tips to be more efficient and effective

Tuesday 29th May: Workshop facilitated by Rosemary Parr, DirGPA, MCIPD & Founder of Global PA Association

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