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What does it mean to have membership of a professional organisation? What can it offer you? 

What’s in it for you?

If you are thinking of becoming a member of any group, make sure you are offered something special that benefits you as a professional as well as offering opportunities for your role and your organisation. 

The Global PA Association offers you all of this and more.

You get more with Global PA Association

Our credentials speak for themselves.  We are the only Professional Membership Association globally that instigated Academic Research into your Profession.  This Academic Research is the largest sample in the world into the Secretarial/PA Profession and was conducted in 2009 and 2012 in partnership with Kingston University Business School. In 2003 the Founder, Rosemary Parr (former EA to Sir Christopher Bland, Chairman of BT 2001-2007), created the BT PA Network within BT plc, which was one of the first PA networks within an organisation, this initiative was supported by Sir Christopher Bland.

Why did we do this Research?

Our Founder, Rosemary Parr has personal experience working as an EA & PA for over 30 years and has first hand knowledge of how Office Professionals (EAs, PAs, Team Assistants, Team PAs, Secretaries, Business Support, Admin) roles are not always included in oportunities for career progression and training and development.  We are pleased to announce that since our Association was founded in 2006 we have seen evidence of more training opportunities for the profession offered by organisations, which is good news.  However many Office Professionals still feel that career progression is limited and they often have to take a day's holiday to attend our ILM accredited training programmes. We will continue our campaign to encourage organisations to ensure that your career and training choices are respected and that you are supported at work and feel confident to ask for development.

Leading the Profession globally

Since Global PA Association was established in 2006 and launched by BT plc at the BT Tower in April 2007 and by BT plc in Sydney in November 2007,  we have led the way internationally on championing and progressing your careers and encourage CPD development through our partnership with the CPD Standards Office, London. Our organisation has global reach and we work with companies around the world on 'in house' development programmes, motivational workshops, presentations and deliver our ILM accredited Masterclass programme internationally. We have visited all the countries in the Middle East  - Bahrian, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, including Saudi Arabia - where we have delivered exclusive 'in house' development programmes,  Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Mauritius, Indonesia, Australia, USA, South Africa, all of them too many times to be counted! Our Head Office is based in London. 

Our academic partnership with Birkbeck, University of London raises the status and recognition for your profession and we are the first PA Professional Membership Association to create an Academic Programme into Management for EAs & PAs, the Certificate in Higher Management for PAs (120 credits). We always lead the way for you.

We choose only the 'best in class' Academic credentials for our Learners, which is why we chose the ILM (Leadership & Management Division of City & Guilds) the no.1 for Qualifications and recognised in over 80 countries and by 90% of UK employees to be our Learning Provider Partner.  Adding credentials of the ILM to your CV will ensure you are ahead of your game.  There are many so called 'certificates and qualifications' out there but we only support gold standard qualifications which are recognised by the HR profession. The ILM are appropriate qualifications for Office Professionals as you work for Leaders & Managers and the requirement is that our training delivery has to be 40% leadership and management in content to gain the ILM accreditation. Further evidence that we do everything we can to support you as you develop your management skills and abilities for the 21st century workplace.  The rise in artificial intelligence in the office will require more interpersonal skills, communication skills, management abilities and the ability to empathise, these are skills that AI will not have.  We keep our Members updated with the latest technology news and advice on how to protect their careers in an advancing technological world. 

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Become part of a unique group, a group of real people across the world that share and understand your experience and with whom you can connect - in more ways than one. Learn from the high level experience of our Founder, Rosemary Parr who has worked at the highest levels of public companies for Chairman & CEOs and in Parliament. 

Benefit from being part of an Association with a proven track record of advancing the professional status of your role, an international reputation, exclusive contracts, job opportunities and University links. 

We are an Association that actually makes positive change in the profession possible. What’s more, we offer plenty of rewards that have true value - professionally and financially!

Join as an Associate, Platinum Member or Fellow. Our influence grows with our membership. 

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