12th June Day 1 ILM Advanced Executive Assistant Programme

Global PA Advanced Executive Assistant Programme, ILM accredited

Day 1: Tuesday 12th June 2018. Day 2: Tuesday 26th June 2018

This 2 day advanced programme is now 2 separate days and is aimed at Executive & Personal Assistants who take on managerial and business responsibilities in the workplace and who are often required to represent their Executive across all levels of the organisation.  The programme is for EAs & PAs who work for Chairman, CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors & Senior Management and whose roles include managerial responsibility. You have the option to attend just 1 day, but you will not receive the ILM Certificate.

Topics covered include: Finance for  Non Finance Managers, Working with Leaders & Teams, Secrets of Successful Event Management, How to Present Yourself in the Workplace and Career Management

Learning Objectives:

On the first day on 20th March 2018 the focus will be on the Secrets of Successful Event Management with a highly experienced Event Manager, Medina Williamson former Head of Events at Connaught Hotel.The second session of the day will focus on 'How to Present Yourself at Work with Impact' in meetings with your Executive, with colleagues and how to gain confidence in managing a Board Room environment.  This session will be delivered by International CIPD Trainer, Rosemary Parr.

The second day on 21st March 2018 will focus on Finance for Non Finance Manager and the day will focus on budget planning, financial and commercial business understanding and will be delivered by an expert in financial accounting.

You have the option to attend 1 day or both days, however you can only receive the ILM Certificate if you attend both days. 

Learning Outcomes:

Cost of the 2 Day Session: £800 for Non Members and £750 for Members. Cost of 1 Day Session £425 for Members & £450 for non members. Discounts available.

Email: enquiries@globalpa-association.com or call our office on 0800 043 0258.


"The Finance session was extremely beneficial as I work within the Finance Team but had no prior experience of financial terminology". Lola, Aitch Group

"I found the whole session useful but for immediate use the Events & Personal Effectiveness were very helpful." Claudia, Argent

"I really enjoyed the career planning, event planning and working with Leaders and understanding them".  Shelli, PA Consulting

"The Financial Skills & Event Management sessions were new areas to explore and I would like to deepen them". Paola, Metro de, Dusseldorf

"The presenting skills was very helpful and has given me more confidence and with finance session I have improved my skills and knowledge". Anda, Intercontinental Hotel 02.