To The Executive Manager:

A good Executive PA is your right hand and an Ambassador for your organisation and we recommend the following:

  • Challenge your Executive PA to be their professional best and stretch their capabilities
  • Raise the bar for performance and set their expectations high
  • Offer professional development to utilise critical thinking skills, motivation and increase productivity
  • Delegate, train and coach your Executive PA to be your right hand and as a result ease the pressure on you.
  • A fully engaged Executive PA will work to their optimum peak performance which can only benefit you

“Engaged employees generate 43% more revenue” (Hay Group)

Employees encouraged to develop their professional skills and maintain continuing professional and personal development are far more likely to be ‘engaged’ professionals. They experience greater job satisfaction that increases retention and have a higher regard for their company of which they consider themselves a valued member.

“Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the organisation than the disengaged.” (Corporate Leadership Council: Driving performance and retention through employee engagement 2004)

Your Executive PA/Personal Assistant/Executive Assistant  will benefit from all that the Global PA Association can offer in professional membership, accredited training, networking opportunities.

“An engaged workforce strengthens a business, can dramatically increase productivity and could increase an organisation's ability to weather difficult economic conditions” ACAS

For further information please contact us at the Global PA Association on +44 (0) 800 043 0258 or email