A good Assistant is your right hand and an Ambassador for your organisation. However, our Academic Research undertaken in 2009 in association with Kingston University Business School identified, “PAs report a very positive working relationship with their line managers, only 38% feel that PAs are treated as valued members of staff in their organisation”

“Engaged employees generate 43% more revenue” (Hay Group)

You can turn that around by supporting attitudes and actions that encourage staff development.

Employees encouraged to develop their professional skills and maintain continuing professional and personal development are far more likely to be ‘engaged’ professionals. They experience greater job satisfaction that increases retention and have a higher regard for their company of which they consider themselves a valued member.

“Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the organisation than the disengaged.” (Corporate Leadership Council: Driving performance and retention through employee engagement 2004)

Your Assistant will benefit from all that the Global PA Association can offer in professional membership, accredited training, networking opportunities.

“An engaged workforce strengthens a business, can dramatically increase productivity and could increase an organisation's ability to weather difficult economic conditions” ACAS

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