Chairman & CEOs Executive PA Masterclass - Raising your Game to C-suite Level

Early 2019 dates are: 25th January 2019, 28th February 2019, 28th March 2019.

Venue: De Vere Venues, Holborn Bars, Holborn, London EC1. 0930-1645

Recognised by the ILM (Leadership & Management) City & Guilds. Small classes, individual attention from the Trainer.

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The role of Executive Assistants, Executive PAs & Personal Assistants at Chairman and CEO level is exciting, fascinating and challenging. Working at the top requires a diverse range of skills and abilities from leadership and management capabilities, heightened awareness and curiosity, ability to weigh importance of various tasks, thorough knowledge of the organisation and its working patterns, business sense, persistence, abilitity to manage projects externally and internally. At the C-Suite level it is expected that you will make a personal commitment to self development through the way you express yourself, either in words, actions, presentation, appearance, attitude or skills. 

This Masterclass will be delivered by a former EA to Chairman of BT plc, Rosemary Parr. Her 30 years of experience as a PA and EA has included working for 3 Chairman, 2 CEOs and a Member of Parliament.  Her final role before qualifying as a Motivational Coach & CIPD L&D Practitioner & Trainer was working for Sir Christopher Bland former Chairman of BT plc (2001-2007). In this role she managed 4 Chairmanships and 1 Advisory Role for the Chairman which required stepping up into her own Executive PA Leadership, using her initiative, being proactive, being 10 steps ahead of her Chairman and working in a fast paced environment. This Masterclass is for EAs & PAs who aspire to work at the top or wish to develop further the skills within their current role.  It is also a refresher for EAs & PAs already working at the C-Suite Level.


“Many thanks for another excellent and well delivered course which identified methods and tools which I will adopt in my day to day work. The course was engaging, valuable and relevant to any EA/PA who wants to improve how they manage their bosses! The training materials were very useful and well put together.Many thanks for a highly productive and enjoyable day!” Sharmila, De Montfort University

"I now feel I understand the way my Boss works and the challenges and pressures he faces", Unilever.  "I now feel that I have increased confidence in managing the Executive Office at C-Suite level and the cross cultural communication element was very interesting", GIC Private Ltd

“I found the content of the course relevant, interesting and thought provoking, a great boost to my self-worth and esteem in my role, which can sometimes feel isolated and taken for granted. It was very refreshing to meet EA/PAs operating outside Higher Education in such a variety of organisations.A great deal was packed into the day.  The pace was right and the mix of activities kept the day lively and informative as well as entertaining with the real-life situations and differing views on how to approach and solve issues.It brought to my attention the fact that I know virtually nothing about finance!  I do minute meetings where financial forecasting is discussed and would very much like to attend a course where a basic level of understanding could be reached.Thank you again Rosemary for a really useful day of highly professional training.”  Jude, De Montfort University

Topics covered include the following:

Managing the Office of a C-Suite level Executive: developing a helicopter mind, diary and time management, leaders working styles, identifying your personailty and communication style, international business etiquette and protocol, managing client relationships, political intelligence and the isolation of the role at the top.

Strategy & Corporate Governance - understanding organisations and how business strategy is set. Corporate Governance and the role of Chairman, CEOs and Boards of Directors.

Financial Intelligence - increase your knowledge of financial accounting in business and the meaning of balance sheets, profit and loss account, cash flow forecasts.

Report Writing - practical advice on the various forms of business writing to help improve your professional credibility.

Delegation - is a key management skill, assess your delegation skills, review the 5 levels of delegation and assess your approach to delegation.

Interview Techniques - discover how to improve your interview techniques, the impact of your body language in interviews and managing performance appraisals

Quote from Richard Pettinger, Author of Introduction to Management on The Role of the Personal Assistant

"The PA to a CEO normally exerts great informational influence.  The PA is used as a sounding board and critic for possible and proposed courses of action. The PA therefore becomes an exerter of influence as the levels of mutual trust and confidence grow, and the relationship is reinforced if the judgement of the PA is shown to be sound. PAs become the focus for lobbies and support from elsewhere in the organisation because they can (or are perceived to) provide a route to the sources of power. They have low status but high influence. They also become a source of quality information both for the manager for whom they work and also potentially for the rest of the organisation". 

Learning Outcomes:

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