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At 365 Aviation we pride ourselves on bringing excellence to the private charter industry.  With combined team experience spanning over 40 years, we offer our clients exceptional service and unrivalled fleet access. This is underpinned by the utmost discretion, meaning we have become the preferred charter company for international royalty and heads of state along with business figures and celebrities.

As a team, 365 Aviation is obsessed with performance: both ours and our customers.  We believe that if we perform at our best then that enables our clients to as well.  It is why we ensure each customer has a single point of contact throughout their 365 Aviation experience; it is why we will help with every element of a trip, over and above the aircraft requirements; and it is why we are introducing Annee de Mamiel’s Altitude Oil as a gift to travellers on select routes, helping them revive and to counteract modern day stresses.

From our head office in the City of London, 365 Aviation provides light jets seating from as few as four guests for short haul trips right up to major transatlantic aircraft seating up to 80+ passengers. 

Our high level contacts mean that we are able to secure landing slots at the most desirable private airports whilst our commitment to service runs to fully bespoke liveried aircraft and Michelin fine dining.

Whilst we understand that many might see private aviation as an extravagance for C-Suite travel, we believe that investing in this method of travel can actually represent a cost efficiency for businesses. We recently commissioned independent research, which found that on average it takes travellers 2.76 hours to get to and from the airport and that they then spend an average of 3.54 hours in the airport pre and post flight. This means that for every flight taken 6.3 hours are wasted on top of the flight time. With the median CEO pay being circa £4 million (or just over £1,000 per hour), that already equates to over £6,000 spent per flight, before delays or the cost of premium class airfares have been factored. With 136 private airports in the UK alone, the cost of private air travel for C-suite executives becomes extremely competitive compared to commercial flights.

Other considerations include multiple destinations.  Meetings in several different European locations in one day are possible using private aviation – something that would be impossible with a commercial airline. Once you look at all the options, private charter becomes a justifiable business enhancer as opposed to an extravagance.

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